Testing Schedule

2015 带级考试时间表


2015 Belt Test Schedule









2014 Belt Test Schedule:   10/19/2014

Test Rules:

  1. All students will be tested every three months.

  2. The testing time is scheduled on the last Sunday in January, April, July and October,   if the test day falls on a national holiday, the test will be postponed one week after.

  3. Once students reach Black-belt level, test will be conducted every six months. (also on the last Sunday of the Six-month period)

  4. The exact date will be posted as soon as it is determined. A test reminder will be given two weeks in advance, and students should obtain the test registration form one week before testing.

  5. After passing the test, students will be promoted to the next level. For those who  fail, makeup test will be conducted one month later. This is applicable for all

  6. students.

  7. The score is based on performance of forms, spiritual and moral appearance, basic movements/techniques, and extra credits. The test result will be announced one week after the test.  (total =100pts. Extra credit=20pts for optional items)

Ø   Excellent= 90 points or above

Ø   Pass= 80points or above

Ø   Fail=less than 80 points